Mr. Rupal Gupta​

Founder, MD and CEO

Mr. Rupal Gupta, founder and CEO, has more than 16 years of expertise in the solar industry and associated fields. He formerly held the position of Business Head of the Solar Division at Robotina d.o.o. Slovenia, where he acquired important experience in the creation and application of cutting-edge solar solutions for companies all over the world. As a member of Lanco Solar’s technology and development team, Mr. Rupal Gupta furthered his knowledge in solar technology, instrumentation, and control. With a background in meteorological analytics, Mr. Rupal Gupta adds a distinctive viewpoint to Solar Power, allowing us to create unique solutions that are specifically catered to the needs and demands of our clients.

Mr. Parveen Jangra​

Founder, COO & CTO

In the solar energy sector, Parveen has 16 years of expertise. Prior to that, he was an important part of Lanco Solar’s technology and development team, where he contributed significantly to the creation and application of cutting-edge solar solutions for companies all over the world. Mr. Parveen Jangra is devoted to being at the forefront of solar innovations and has a thorough awareness of all the recent technologies and trends in the sector. He oversees the technology and development activities at Oriana Power and collaborates closely with a group of over 30 engineers and technicians to design and implement cutting-edge solar solutions that assist our clients in achieving their energy objectives.

Mr. Anirudh Saraswat​

Founder and CBO​
Anirudh Saraswat, Chief Business Officer (CBO) of Oriana Power, is a visionary leader specializing in Strategy, Investor relations and fundraising. A Chemical Engineering graduate from Panjab University (2008), Anirudh has been instrumental in pioneering renewable energy and has a passion for scaling businesses sustainably. He has an extensive exposure in the manufacturing industry, new product development and scalabilty.

CA Archana Jain

A Versatile Professional in Accounts, Finance, and Indirect Taxation.

Archana Jain, the founder of “Archana Jain & Co,” is a highly qualified Chartered Accountant and law graduate. With extensive experience in Accounts, Finance, and Indirect Taxation, she offers valuable advisory services in the realm of indirect taxation. As an aspiring doctorate scholar, Archana possesses a humble and inquisitive nature, always eager to embrace new opportunities for growth.

Having successfully handled various cases, including Internal Audit, Forensic Audit, GST Audit, and more, Archana has established herself as a trusted professional. She has represented reputed corporate houses in appeals and refund cases up to CESTAT.

Mr. Dhawal C Gadda

Mr. Dhawal Gadda is an accomplished Independent Director and Practising Company Secretary based in Mumbai. With over 11 years of experience, he is the founder of Dhawal Gadda and Co., a highly regarded Company Secretaries Firm. His expertise spans Corporate and Secretarial Laws, Corporate Governance, Business Development, and Startups. Mr. Gadda has played a vital role in mentoring and consulting businesses, assisting them in scaling up efficiently. He has helped numerous Corporates and Startup Founders on matters such as Compliances, Structuring, and Governance. Mr. Gadda’s dedication to the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) is evident through his participation in various programs and delivering sessions at esteemed establishments. He is a recognized educator, teaching Company law, General & Commercial Law, and other business-related subjects. Apart from his professional commitments

Dr. O S Sastry

Dr. O. Sastry, a highly regarded scientist, served in the Ministry of Defence, Vishakhapatnam, Government of India (GOI), where he made remarkable contributions to the field of solar energy. As the driving force behind the establishment of the National Photovoltaic Test Facility (PVTF), he successfully led the comprehensive completion of the project. Notably, PVTF became the first PV laboratory in the country to receive NABL accreditation for testing PV modules.
In his role as a senior scientist, Dr. Sastry played a pivotal role in establishing testing, certification, and standardisation activities related to SP0056 components, systems, and applications in India. He oversaw the development of state-of-the-art facilities for lighting systems, PV water pumping system testing, and comprehensive testing for PV module qualification and safety.
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36 Oriana Power looks to raise up to INR 60 crore through IPO
CSR Activities

Spreading light in the lives of the future of India living in adverse conditions:-

Solar Lights were distributed among the Energetic Youth of India in Baloria village Rajasthan, so they could still study while there is no electricity at night. Solar Light Pack consisted of battery system which would store the Solar energy which can later be used for lighting and mobile charging.

Mr. Rupal Gupta(Right) with Smt. Vinita Singhania Ji(left) explaining the working of the System

Training Programs

Oriana from time to time train the young enthusiastic people to stand on there own feet by providing the training for the installation and commissioning services to them and groom them to become a Solar I&C partner with Oriana and other companies in the Solar Market.

Skill development training

Oriana Power has been providing training to their employees for skill development in their respective departments which will benefit them in their career in the future.
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Safety Principles

Oriana Power believes that maintaining Excellent Safety Standards is doing Good Business that aids in their corporate performance. Our Occupational Health & Safety Programme is guided and focused by safety principles in order to achieve and maintain safety excellence.

Our principles and beliefs motivate us to undertake frequent workplace safety assessments, identify and report hazards, investigate events, conduct safety observations, follow rules and procedures, and take all necessary precautions to reduce risks.
The importance of safety cannot be overstated.
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