Solar Energy – RESCO or BOOT Model (Build Own Operate Transfer) is about paying as you save from a photovoltaic solar power project.
Oriana Power specialises in the RESCO business model. The RESCO model requires the consumer to pay for power on a per unit basis rather than beforehand.
In the local microutility model, the user can sublet his rooftop to a project developer and get monthly rent. A rising parity-based market in India will provide many new prospects and business models, and Oriana Power has extensive experience in this new prospective business area.

Reduced upfront costs

The customer avoids the upfront costs of building and operating a renewable energy project, allowing them to conserve their capital for other business needs.

Fixed energy costs

The customer benefits from fixed energy costs over the life of the contract, which helps to reduce the risks associated with fluctuating energy prices.

No operational risks

The service provider is responsible for maintaining and operating the project, reducing the operational risks for the customer.

Green energy credentials

The customer can use the renewable energy generated by the project to meet their sustainability goals and improve their environmental credentials.

Overall, the RESCO or BOOT model provides a flexible and cost-effective way for customers to access renewable energy without the upfront costs and risks associated with building and operating a renewable energy project.