CSR Activities

CSR Activities

Spreading light in the lives of the future of India living in adverse conditions:-

Solar Lights were distributed among the Energetic Youth of India in Baloria village Rajasthan, so they could still study while there is no electricity at night. Solar Light Pack consisted of battery system which would store the Solar energy which can later be used for lighting and mobile charging.

Mr. Rupal Gupta(Right) with Smt. Vinita Singhania Ji(left) explaining the working of the System

Training Programs

Oriana from time to time train the young enthusiastic people to stand on there own feet by providing the training for the installation and commissioning services to them and groom them to become a Solar I&C partner with Oriana and other companies in the Solar Market.

Skill development training

Oriana Power has been providing training to their employees for skill development in their respective departments which will benefit them in their career in the future.