Oriana as an EPC partner takes care of complete liaising work on behalf of our clients and you just have to pay the associated government fees for the same.
The savings from solar power plants varies from one user to other, based on different parameters. Our experts will assist you with saving calculations done for your application.
It is fine even if you clean the panels once in a month, based on your location. In a dusty environment, we recommend to clean the panels as and when it is required. In cleaning, you have to put water and can wash it with smooth material ensuring that it is not creating any scratches.
In a grid tie systems, there is zero maintenance apart from cleaning panels. In a battery-based configuration, one has to replace the distilled water in the batteries as per the schedule. Irrespective of the above, if you have any further queries, our experts would love to assist you with the best possible solutions. Please feel free to contact us at: info@orianapower.com