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Oriana Power is an experienced commercial solar contractor, specializing in the design, procurement, and construction of solar rooftop, solar farms, and solar carport solutions. Our objective is to provide a complete spectrum of services for Solar Megawatt Scale Projects from viability studies to commissioning with quality photovoltaic systems and flawless services that will empower people to reduce their environmental footprint.

Oriana's Approach towards Project Execution

  • Safety First, without Exception

    safety safety

    Our day starts with toolbox safety briefing. Safety is at the core of our company values, with everyone from the new labourer on site to the company's senior management treating it as the number one priority.
  • Experience and Expertise
    Our experienced team of engineering, electrical, and contracting professionals work with utilities, onsite client representatives to plan, develop and implement low-cost, high-quality solar arrays. Our vast network of vendor relationships allows us to leverage extensive purchasing power and pass associated savings through to the end-user. Oriana has successfully executed cost effective projects which helps in building a relationship with you for years to come.
  • Together, we lead by example and Remain
    Oriana's culture believes in creating a positive, collaborative working environment for our teams while still maintaining a family feeling across our growing numbers. We understand that the contributions of each individual create our collective success, so employees are encouraged to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit, grow professionally and personally, and give back to the community within the given timeline.
  • Better Service Starts with Better Products
    Generating, storing and transmitting energy efficiently over the lifetime of a project depends on the technical design expertise we apply to each site.
    We have taken time in understanding the long-term energy generation accurately which reduces the financial risk and uncertainty on each project in its tenure and helps increase its value.
  • Detailed & Optimized Solutions to Support You
    We understand the importance of optimising renewable assets maximising value and protecting revenue for asset owners.Our world class project management and construction teams ensure competitive prices on-time and on budget with superior safety and quality.
  • Adherence to Budget & Timeline
    Every personnel in Oriana understands the importance of allocated budget and time committed to its client for project handover. In order to attain, the construction and operations teams work closely together and contributes their best to achieve the common objective.
  • Real Time Plant Monitoring
    Our clients also benefit from visibility of the operational data in a clear and customisable format, through 24/7 control centre which gives Asset monitoring and fault escalation / resetting
    Emergency co-ordination, analysis and generate performance reports to make sure you know exactly what's happening on your assets.

Land Aquisition / Site Survey

Solar Irradiance Assessment

Infrastructure & Power Evacuation

Supply Chain Management

Installation & Commissioning

Communication Network Setup